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Post  duttychillz on Thu Apr 10, 2008 11:30 pm

Matches are played as mr12 or mr15 thats best out or 24 or 30 so u need to win 13 rounds in total or 16 depending on the mr. Sometimes u may lose the 1st 3 rounds only buying pistals but have got enough money to win the 4th and ur away.

1st round i always think its a good idea to only buy a defuse kit as ct and armour as terrorist.
Lets say you win the 1st round no need to buy ak47's or m4's maybe just armour and a good pistal or smg's. i think this bcoz if you lose the second round but "brought up" m4's or ak's then the other team will have picked up ur weapons and on the 3rd round ur back to pistals again.
If you get the bomb down as terrorist u get money even if its defused and the whole team dies.

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