I hate this waiting for internet connection

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I hate this waiting for internet connection

Post  morphine on Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:14 pm

at this moment i have a still problems with internet and my computer is still broken. next monday my new internet connection will be setup. then i will be able to get to internet again. until then i have to go to a friend house to gain access to internet or pull down the house telephone system to access internet.

next to that i still have probs with my computer due to the lightning strike i had a week ago. to have that fixed it'll take me some time more. because insurance have to come and see my computer in broken down situation otherwise i can't get my money. since i have spend over 1900 on my computer i want to wait for insurance and i can't play on my laptop.

as soon as insurance has paid the money for my computer i can by me a new mainboard and my new processors (awesome stuff btw two quad core xeon processors on mainboard 4 gig internal memory) so soon i will be back online again.

As soon as i will be back online i will be on ventrillo to talk to you all.

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Re: I hate this waiting for internet connection

Post  bushiwarrior on Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:39 pm

hey mate always good to hear from you. I personally have really missed your company online, and thats not even taking into consideration using you back as a dartboard with my knife. Maybe a surge protector next time incase of more lightning strikes would be a good idea. Untill your back online good luck and good health. affraid

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