I Would like to joing the ESWAT

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I Would like to joing the ESWAT

Post  Veku1992 on Wed May 14, 2008 12:47 am

Real Name: Matt Horwood
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Nickname: Veku
Email Address: matthorwood@hotmail.co.uk
Steam Friends Addy: HL2Horwood
Microphone: Yes (it goes funny some times)
Ventrilo: Yes
Xfire: Yes - penfold1992
Able to Donate: No Sorry
Able to Attend Practices: Depends what day but Yes to most
Able to Play Matches: Yes
Prev clan Yes/No: Yes

Any Other Information: Ok Ok, This may sound wierd. I used to be in TBC some might know me.
i was bad to u lot Sad and im very very sorry. i would love to get to know u guys betta as individuals and as a clan. I might call u a hacker. BUT i dont mean it its just a way to let my anger out.
i hope u can forive me and i would have alot to offer to this clan. i know if i wanted to get into this clan i might have to tell a lie. but i wanna be straight with u lot NOW rather than stab u all in the back. i hope u understand. Thx for taking your time to reed this.



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